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My books are geared to the fourth to eighth grade social studies curriculum.

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The Last Train by Rona Arato

Listen to my Meet-the-Author Book Reading for The Last Train.

Working for Freedom, the Story of Josiah Henson by Rona Arato

Working for Freedom, the Story of Josiah Henson deals with slavery, racism, the Underground Railroad, Canada’s role in helping escaped slaves, and how one courageous man helped hundreds of others to overcome their slave mentality to live with confidence as free men and women.

Ice Cream Town by Rona Arato

Ice Cream Town is about the immigrant experience from the viewpoint of a ten-year-old boy. Sammy overcomes his wartime deprivations, his mother’s death and the challenges of a strange new society. Many of the children I read to are either immigrants or the children of immigrants. Even if they are not, they know others who are first generation Canadian or American. They relate to Sammy on a personal level and my readings promote dynamic discussions. For an excellent study guide click here.

Courage and Compassion by Rona Arato

Courage and Compassion
Ten Canadians Who Made a Difference

I wrote this book because I believe that Canadian children need Canadian heroes. When researching the book I found so many candidates that it was hard to narrow my list to ten. I have chosen people throughout Canadian history who represent their time and place. Two subjects were children at the time they began their journeys. When I conduct readings, I focus on social responsibility and how one person can see an injustice, make it their cause, and create real and lasting change.

On a Canadian Day by Rona Arato

On a Canadian Day
What better way for a child to experience history than through the experiences of someone their own age? The nine stories in this book are fiction but each is based on real events. From a Plains Indian boy going on his first buffalo hunt to a Vietnamese refugee, each subject has an exciting story to tell. Click here for the study guide.