School Presentations

My readings and presentations are geared to students in grades four to eight. I use an interactive reading/discussion format to involve children and excite their curiosity. I link stories to current issues such as immigration and social responsibility. A theme that runs through much of my work is that one person can, and often does, make a significant difference. By involving the children in examining these issues, I help them think about the way they interact with friends, family and the community at large.

The Last Train by Rona Arato

The Last Train

For a description of my presentations for The Last Train, please click here.

Ice Cream Town by Rona Arato

Ice Cream Town

Issues: Immigration, gangs, bullying and social conscience.

Study guide: click here.

Courage and Compassion by Rona Arato

Courage and Compassion
Ten Canadians Who Made a Difference

Issues: Canadian history, social responsibility, human rights, and “what makes a hero?”

Working for Freedom, the Story of Josiah Henson by Rona Arato

Working for Freedom
The Story of Josiah Henson

Issues: Slavery, the Underground Railroad, human rights, social responsibility

Design It! by Rona Arato

Design It!

Juvenile non-fiction

Science and technology; history-modern

Tundra Books

Mrs. Kaputnik’s Pool Hall and Matzo Ball Emporium by Rona Arato

Mrs. Kaputnik’s Pool Hall and Matzo Ball Emporium

Juvenile Fiction – Action & Adventure;

Juvenile Fiction – Historical – United States – 19th Century;

Juvenile Fiction – Religious – Jewish;


Tundra Books

On a Canadian Day by Rona Arato

On a Medieval Day

Juvenile historical fiction with historical backgrounders

What if a contemporary middle-grade student could spend a day in the shoes of a child in the Middle Ages? How would seeing these times through the eyes of another child create a deeper understanding? On a Medieval Day uses nine exceptional pieces of historical fiction to give kids just that opportunity.

On a Canadian Day by Rona Arato

On a Canadian Day

Juvenile historical fiction with historical backgrounders

What better way for a young reader to truly understand another time than to get an intimate look at the daily life of another child? In On a Canadian Day, Rona Arato introduces nine fictional characters, and through their stories, situates young readers perfectly in nine pivotal moments in Canadian history.

On a Day Story Voyages – Teachers’ Resource Guides: Click here.

Writing Presentations

I teach creative writing to children and adults.


I am happy to share my writing experiences with other writers and would-be writers. These include: turning a story into a book, story structure, perseverance in the face of rejection, and the joy of success, when that first acceptance notice arrives.

Here’s what my hosts have said about my presentations:

Rona’s events with the students were excellent. Not only was she able to keep the students enthralled with her stories, but Rona also skillfully catered to the different age-groups and moderated her presentation according to their needs.

— Nicole Nozick
Director JCC Jewish Book Festival
Vancouver, BC

We had the pleasure of hosting the author Rona Arato at our school for a book talk. Rona was such a delight! We would be so lucky to have the opportunity to have Rona visit our school again soon.

— Melissa Levin
The Leo Baeck Day School
Thornhill, ON

The students enjoyed Rona’s presentation, found it informative, and were actively engaged in the topics discussed. Rona’s presentation was part of our Canadian Children’s Book Week program and we were glad to have Rona as one of our presenters.

— Jay Sherwood, Teacher Librarian
St. George’s Junior School
Vancouver, BC

Ms. Arato delighted audiences of children and adults during the “Children’s Storytime” at the Henson Site with readings from her children’s book, Working for Freedom: The Story of Josiah Henson. During the presentation, it was a pleasure to watch her transition with ease between her various personas as educator, historian, writer and storyteller.

— Shirl Spicer,
Museum Manager, Montgomery County Department of Parks Maryland
National Capital Park & Planning Commission